30 04 2010

I am traveling today. On the road, I am blessed to see new sights, meet new friends, and have new adventures. Traveling opens my eyes and allows me to see God’s hand in fresh ways. It is an opportunity to stand in a new place and witness the fascinating ways that He is working in places I have never been before and in people I am just meeting. Traveling is great, but I will be honest – I miss home.

While I appreciate all the opportunities I have to travel, there is something about home that just pulls at my heart. It is where I am most intimately known and most deeply loved. My heart longs for the familiar voices, the sweet smiles, the warm hugs, and the comfort of knowing this is where I belong.

Traveling highlights the truth that I am just a visitor to this part of the country. Here I take up residence for a few days, enjoy the blessings of experiencing new things and meeting wonderful people, and put my head on the pillow at night counting the hours until it is time to go home.

Sitting in an airport or sleeping on a strange pillow reminds my heart to reorient itself toward home. The ache I feel for my family and to be at home is just an echo of the longing I have to really go home. You see, even when I am at home, I am not yet at home.

My Jesus Resolution today is to set my sights on home. While all the words and songs about mansions, golden streets, and pearly gates are great, those are not what make my heart long for home. I want to be with the One who knows me best, loves me the most, and names me His treasure. I long to hear His voice and see His face. I am just a traveler, a visitor to this place. I want to go home.



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3 05 2010

Casandra – What a pleasure it was to meet you at the 25th Connecticut’s Ladies Day on Saturday, May 1st. It was so refreshing and encouraging to see a woman after God’s own heart. You did an amazing job and I pray the grace of God continues to abide in you. Thank you for sharing your talents!

p.s. Thank you again for taking the time to sign my workbooks.

Be Blessed!

Donna Stanley
Church of Christ Bridgeport

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