Because You’re Mine

3 05 2010

I am proud of my kids. They are becoming the neatest people. Each one celebrated an accomplishment this week that was worthy of bringing out the “You’re Special” plate at the dinner table. We cheered, high-fived, marked the reaching of milestones, and talked about the remarkable ways God is working in each of their lives. It has been a neat week.

My pride in my kids overflows when I watch the people they are choosing to become. They have Jesus on their hearts. I hear His voice in their words. I get to see their servant hearts and stand in wonder. But the reason I am proud of my kids is not primarily rooted in what they do. I am proud of them for who they are.

I wrapped my arms around my oldest son today and told him I was proud of him. “Do you know why?” I asked. “Why?” he said. “Because you’re mine,” I told him.

God is proud of you. He loves who you are becoming in Him. Jesus is taking shape in your life. He delights in the way you fold your hands in prayer, open your Bible with a heart ready to meet Him, and keep a lookout for the all the ways He is present in your day. But God’s delight in you is not measured primarily by your performance. He is proud of you because you belong to Him. Relationship is what connects your heart to His. You are His child. And that is enough.

My Jesus Resolution today is to delight in the delight of My Father. He loves me. Not because of what I do, but because I am His. Obedience, surrender, submission, and service are a part of my heart. They teach me about Him. They shape me to be more like Jesus. But doing more, working harder, or digging deeper won’t make Him love me more. God says the same thing to me that I say to my child, “I am proud of you because you are mine.”



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