Ten Songs to Sing

27 04 2010

Music is amazing. It has the ability to reach deep inside our hearts, leaving its mark in the recesses of our souls. Music is a gift from God. With it, He wants us to soak in the amazing realities of who He is, who He calls us to be, and how He longs to work in our lives. Here is a list of ten songs I will be singing today.

1. Jesus Loves Me – The most profound truths are often found in the simplest melodies

2. God is So Good  –  In a world filled with bad stuff, I need to be reminded that God is SO good

3. I Surrender All – Here is God’s call to my heart. Every day I must decide to surrender it all to Him

4. Tell Me the Story of Jesus – Within the story of Jesus, I find the best of my own story and hope for the pages that will be written today

5. Amazing Grace – I never want to cease being amazed by the grace God pours out on me

6. God Will Make a Way –  This song points me to Jesus when am tempted to fix it myself, solve my own problems, and handle my own struggles

7. Beneath the Cross of Jesus – There is no better place to anchor my heart than beneath the cross of Jesus

8. I Will Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving – I am going to let gratitude and praise direct my movement into His presence today

9. I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart – Can’t sing this song and keep the smile off your face!

10. More Holiness Give Me – Here is the root of The Jesus Resolution and the deepest longing of my heart

My Jesus Resolution today is to sing – in the shower, on the road, in the kitchen, to the dog, with my kids, while going through my day. I am going to let these songs pull my eyes toward Jesus, renew my commitment to being crucified with Christ, share the wonder and joy He plants in my day, and teach my heart to be aware of His presence. Turn off your radio. Set down your iPod. Sing with me.



One response

28 04 2010
Cara Thomasson

When you were here for our Ladies Day in Concan, I enjoyed you so much. Since then I have been studying along with two of your books. I have intended to check out your website and just haven’t gotten around to it, due to school emails to tend to, grades to put in, paper to grade, lesson plans and Taks preparation. This evening I took the time and am so thankful I have. I love your blogs, I even went back through your archives. There is so much truth in each one and I laughed, smiled and cried as I read them. In case you don’t recognize my name I was the frizzle frazzle mom in the hat show carrying the plunger. I love listening to you interact with your family and how you draw daily lessons from just being with them. We have 4 children and I miss them being in my presence at all times. This weekend I made a trip to Abilene to take care of some business and our two from college met me and the younger two at the hotel. We had so much catching up. We laid all on one bed laughing and each taking turns to tell stories of things that had taken place since we had seen one another. Enjoy the messes, the laughter and genuine fun – It goes away way too soon but thankfully those stages have been fun as well! Thanks for helping us search out Jesus! Love and Prayers, Cara

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