Be the Moon

9 04 2010

I first saw it on a t-shirt. The front had a picture of a bright, full moon with the words, “Be The Moon.” It caught my attention. The back of the shirt simply read, “Reflect the Son.”

There it was. In six words, someone had captured a perfect picture of what it means to walk in The Jesus Resolution.

The crisp morning sky brought this message home to me this morning. The dark sky was punctuated by stars. The blanket of the night wrapped itself around the glowing silver orb of the moon. It was wonderful. Looking at the moon, I thought of the t-shirt. The moon is only beautiful because of the sun. By itself, it is a big rock in the sky, pockmarked by collisions that have left scars on its face. It is a place where nothing grows, nothing can breathe, and no one can live. The sun gives the moon its purpose and its wonder.

We are like the moon. Our light comes from the Son. The beauty and wonder we carry into the world flows from our connection to Christ. I am also like the moon in other ways. Sometimes I let the world come between me and the Son. The result is that I don’t shine as bright as I should. The best times are when I am full of Jesus.

As sunrise peeked over the horizon, I was struck by the difference between the moon and sun. I turned the corner and the sky lit up in a blaze of light. I had to shield my eyes and lift my heart in praise. The moon is beautiful, but a mere reflection of the glory of the sun. Just like me.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be the moon. I want to reflect the light of Jesus in every part of my day. I am determined to keep the world from creeping in between me and the Son.  I want others to see Him in me. I want others to be dazzled, not by what they see in me, but by the glimpse of Him that calls to their hearts.



4 responses

9 04 2010
cheryl wilburn

As I continued to read I felt the joy and the pain from when one transforms in moon vs sun light,worldly vs spiritual…I feel the lords presence in you and your meticulous detail…

11 04 2010
Sara Hawkins

POWERFUL! The concentrated teachings of Christ.

16 04 2010
Joy Wheeler

Our ladies Tuesday Bible class has been using your Women Opening the Word for several years and love them. Just discovered this site. Thank you for the blessings of these articles and your WOW study books! Would love to see you publish the Jesus Resolution in a book each year. What a great gift it would be to give to friends.

16 04 2010
Casandra Martin

Thanks Joy! I appreciate your encouragement.

A plan for a Jesus Resolution book is in the works. It will take a little while longer to put it together, but it is fun to work on.

Enjoy your blessings today!

Because of Jesus, Casandra

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