10 Things to Pray for Today

7 04 2010

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut. I seem to pray about the same cycle of needs and wants and end up feeling like there is a little bit of déjà vu in my talks with God. Here are ten ideas of things to pray for today to help spark some new conversation in your time with the Lord.

1. Pray through the ABCs. Use each letter as a point of praise. For example, God is Able, God is Big, God is Creator. Pause after thinking of each word, thanking and praising Him for who He is and how He works in your life.

2. Pray for eyes to see Him clearly in every part of your day.

3. Pray for tenderness.

4. Pray for courage and boldness.

5. Pray for a moment of simple joy, and the heart to recognize it when it comes your way.

6. Pray for three friends off your FaceBook page, out of your cell phone contacts, or from your address book that are not regularly included in your daily prayer time. Pray for each friend by name.

7. Pray while counting your blessings. Talk to God about twenty-five things for which you are thankful.

8. Pray for an opportunity to talk to someone about Jesus.

9. Pray for more faith, deeper love, and a stronger desire to be like Christ.

10. Pray that Jesus will come back soon.

My Jesus Resolution today is to cherish the time I spend with God in prayer. Every conversation draws me onto holy ground. Every moment in His presence holds the possibility of transformation. Every word opens my heart in surrender to the power of His love. No moment spent in prayer is wasted. He will fill each one with His grace and glory.



5 responses

7 04 2010
Martha Clark

Casandra, It is amazing how often your messages come at a perfect time. We are studying in your book on the ABC,s of Your Heart and are on Lesson 8, with four very meaningful letters-nail, new, owner, and obey. I have been studying for an hour, and now I read these beautiful words from you. I shall use them tomorrow as I lead our Ladies Class. I thank God for you so often!

Did you receive my e-mail last week? I am wondering since I haven’t heard from you. I surely pray you are not sick.


7 04 2010
Katy Penick

Thank you for today’s post. I needed that!

7 04 2010
Charlene Machen

Thank you so much for admitting you “suffer” from prayer deja vu too. I’ve even prayed for new material. Well low and behold, He sends me an email ! I think it’s important to let you know when your obedience to the Holy Spirit benefits in the life of someone else. That someone is me this time 🙂

9 04 2010
Renee Johnson


You would enjoy Casandra’s book “Father In Heaven… Teach Us To Pray”.
You should be able to find it on her website. It would also be a good study for a ladies’ Bible class.
It made me so happy to see your comment. I love you!!!
Your Sister

7 04 2010
Kerri Grinder


Thank you for the encouragement we receive from you daily. Our ladies class at Great Oaks is also studying the book ABC’s of a Godly Heart. We just finished the lesson on Light and tonight will begin with the lesson entitled Learn. I teach the class and we will often take a few seconds at the beginning of class to recite the lessons from each letter of the alphabet just as a reminder. A – God is Able, we should Abide, B – God is Big, we can Believe, C – God is our Creator, we are the Clay, etc. I find myself reciting these as I am riding in the car or doing household chores. What a blessing to have such a constant reminder of God’s presence and power in my life.

Thank you so very much for the many tools you have placed in our hands that bring us closer to the heart of God and help us to look more like Jesus. YOU look like Jesus to me! I pray that God will continue to bless you, your family and your good work.

Love you,

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