5 04 2010

Perspective is an amazing thing. In reality, a fresh perspective does not change your circumstances or alter the people around you. It doesn’t change the clouds in the sky or the balance in your checking account. Your house won’t be cleaner or the stack of work on your desk any smaller. Perspective speaks to the way we see our lives. It doesn’t change the people around us, but it does impact how we interact with them. It won’t clean the house, but it will help us see the blessings piled among the dirty dishes and stinky socks. This is what God offers us – a new perspective. A chance to see His hand in the ordinary moments of our day. An opportunity to hear Him speaking to us through the checkbook and the emails. Sometimes God’s answer to our prayers isn’t to change our circumstances. Sometimes what He offers is a fresh way to look at them. To discover that He has been working on our behalf all along.

My Jesus Resolution today is to embrace the fresh perspective offered by the cross. Old shadows melt away in His light. Darkness scatters before His glory. Weakness is lifted up by His strength. I can see myself and others differently because of His love. The circumstances of my day may not change, but I can take on a Christ-like perspective and see my world through His eyes. And that will make all the difference…about everything.



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6 04 2010
Carrol Bullock

Dear Casandra,
God does offer a new perspective to us. My daughter contacted spinel meningitis recently. Immediately I called my friend and asked her to start a prayer request on her behalf. By the next day news of her illness had spread throughtout much of the brotherhood. Acquaintances, friends, family, and strangers were praying for her. Her face book page at one time had 1500 responses. She became ill on a Saturday, was placed in ICU on Sunday night, by Friday afternoon she was in a private room, and on Monday night (9:00PM) she was home. One of her doctors (disease control doctor) said “She is the talk of the emergency rooms and ICU”s of the city because of her amazing recovery.” God did answer our prayers in an amazing way. I told her that God had plans for her. She said she can see through the little ones at church how it has impacted them. They come up to her and say how “glad she is not sick anymore” or they give her hugs and say they prayed for her. Like you said today “sometimes God’s answer to our prayers isn’t to change our circumstances. Sometimes what He offers is a fresh way to look at them.” Many have come to me and have said “I have never seen God answer prayers so quickly and in such an amazing way.” I believe the power of prayer has been felt by hundreds through this experience. Praise God!

9 04 2010
Renee Johnson

Thanks for the reminder of God’s ever abiding care for us.
I am praying right now for your daughter and YOU.

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