1 04 2010

I love flowers. It really doesn’t matter what kind – just flowers. Fields of them. Bouquets of them. Gardens brimming with them. Pots overflowing with them. I love flowers. I delight in the myriad of colors and the variety of shapes. I enjoy the aromas and the delicate details. They are touches of exquisite beauty that God created for our joy and wonder. This past weekend, someone gave me a packet of flower seeds. “Plant these right now,“ she said. “It’s the right time.” The picture on the envelope looks great. I know – the seeds are still sitting on my desk.

I love flowers; I don’t want to plant the seeds. It’s too much work. It takes too much time. Not to mention that pesky dirt messing up my manicure. How many opportunities for beauty do I miss because I don’t plant the seeds?

My Jesus Resolution today is to plant some seeds – seeds of kindness, encouragement, friendship, and joy. I am going to invest myself in cultivating peace, quietness, and praise in the garden of my soul. I want to plant some gratitude and laughter in my family. I am going to find a friend and express appreciation. Planting seeds is a matter of being deliberate about beauty. Seeds take time to grow, but the results will take your breath away.



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