The Great I AM

31 03 2010

Standing in the glow of the burning bush, Moses asks God to reveal His name. The Lord replies, “I AM WHO I AM.” I AM is the name that Moses is to take back to the Israelites. It is a name meant to inspire hope, instill confidence, and open their eyes to God’s presence.

The name I AM still speaks to the hearts of His people. Listen for all the ways that God declares Himself to be I AM in your life today.

1. I AM the Bright and Morning Star. Look for me early in the morning. I will light your way all day.

2. I AM your Provider. I will meet every need you have today.

3. I AM very close. You will never be alone today.

4. I AM the Creator. Every splash of color, every stroke of beauty, every sunbeam was made to remind you of Me.

5. I AM Love. You can trust me with your heart.

6. I AM the Promise-Keeper. Move with confidence, smile with surety, and know that every promise I have made is “Yes!” in Jesus.

7. I AM the Joy-Giver. Walk with Me today and experience all the richness and fullness I have planned for you.

8. I AM your Savior. I will set you free, heal what is broken, and wash away every sin.

9. I AM Sufficient. I am enough for today. I will give you enough grace, mercy, peace, and hope to cover every part of your day. Be content in Me.

10. I AM passionate about you. You are the desire of my heart.

My Jesus Resolution today is to take off my shoes and recognize that I stand on holy ground. I AM proclaims His name all around me. His love fills my day. His peace covers my heart. He is everything I need to meet the moment.



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