12 04 2010

There was a riot of colors splattered across the landscape of the Texas hill country this weekend. The entire palette of the rainbow was painted in bold strokes across the fields, on the hills, and over the countryside. Bright yellows splashed down next to pockets of pale pink. Purple and scarlet competed against orange and white. Flowers carpeted the roadways and covered the meadows. Streaks of color danced in the grasses as if God took a paintbrush, spun around, and let the hues fall where they may.

The bluebonnets, however, were the best. The entire bouquet of yellows, scarlets, purples, reds, and pinks served as a frame for the bluebonnets. Bluebonnets are the color of the sky right before dawn – a deep blue with a white top. Examining a single bluebonnet reveals profound beauty. The intricacy and delicate detail speak to the glory of God.

It is, however, in seeing fields of bluebonnets that you catch their real beauty. Clustered together, they take your breath away. Just like Christians.

Each individual Christian is a remarkable testimony to the beauty of grace. The transformation of a single soul is a miracle worth celebrating. The details of Christ seen in a life devoted to Him speak to the glory of God.

When Christians stand together, linked in heart and purpose to Jesus, there is a radical beauty that God uses to take the world’s breath away. Clusters of bluebonnets along the road reminded me of congregations of Christians each committed to planting God’s glory in their little piece of the world. Some were big; others were small – each settling into the soil and planting a testimony to the grace of our Lord. It was amazing.

Then I turned the corner, and got a picture of heaven. On a back country road, I saw a field entirely enveloped in bluebonnets. Thousands of them. Millions of them, covering the ground as far as the eye could see. Words are inadequate to describe the beauty of that field. They fall short. And I am thankful for that. I like the idea that there are no words to describe exactly what heaven will be like. We will have to see it to understand it and appreciate it.

My Jesus Resolution today is to imitate the bluebonnets. I am going to bloom where I am. I am going to plant myself in the midst of a group of hearts that are committed to looking like Jesus. Linked together, we give the world a glimpse of God’s glory. I want my life to testify to the beauty of His grace and the wonder of His love. He takes my breath away. Let’s stand together today and give the world a reason to pause.



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12 04 2010

What a beautiful picture you painted with words! Thank you!!! This reminds me of just how much God wants us to fully open our eyes and be amazed by the abundance of His blessings that surround us.

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