Little Hands

3 03 2010

His little hand reached up to grab mine. It was a simple move, a natural move. He saw me across the playground. His teacher held him back until I could reach the gate, but as soon as I was close enough, he ran to me and took my hand.

There is something extraordinary about holding hands with a child. It is a profound expression of trust, commitment, and belonging. When a child holds your hand, they literally put themselves in your shadow. They try to match your footsteps. They touch your heart while reaching for your fingers. They announce to the world where they belong.

It was an ordinary day, a part of our regular routine, but his little hand painted a picture for my soul today. With every squeeze of his fingers, I felt the hand of God. With every tug on my arm, I learned another lesson about holding on to Jesus.

Trust. When a child holds your hand, they are making a declaration of deep trust. They don’t know where they are going, but they follow. They don’t see the road hazards or traffic dangers, but they stay close to your side, trusting you will keep them safe. They don’t set the pace, but they enjoy the time together.

Belonging. Holding hands announces to the world that you belong together. You don’t hold hands with strangers. Reaching for my hand is a practiced move for this little one. We fit together because our hearts are connected.

Safety. Clasping your hands together creates a place of safety. You no longer stand alone. You move with someone by your side. There is a peace that flows from knowing that you are enfolded, not only in the grasp, but in the love of someone committed to watching out for you.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be aware of my hands. I want to be like my little friend. I want to hold hands with Jesus. Who will you reach out for today?



2 responses

4 03 2010
Gina Rucker


We are looking forward to giving you a BIG hug and a WARM Tennessee welcome in a few weeks!! The Hardin Valley Church sisters will be blessed by your encouragement!!

We will be praying for you!!

Love to you, Gina

5 03 2010

I’ve enjoyed reading all of your posts and this one is especially endearing. One of my greatest joys has been raising my children, and I just loved when they held my hand. They’re currently off to college and God’s hand guides them now. But, I cherish those memories. Your posts are heartwarming, well written and encouraging. You have been blessed with such a tremendous gift of capturing the word, and sharing it tenderly with all of us! Keep ’em coming Casandra!

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