Hide and Seek

5 03 2010

“4…3…2…1… Ready or not, here I come!” Did you ever play hide and seek? There are so many childhood memories tied up in playing this game. Seeking was okay, but I really liked hiding. It was so much fun to search for the perfect spot – one that hid you from the probing eyes of the seeker, but close enough to listen to what was happening during the search. I found the perfect spot back in the corner of the basement. It was behind the water heater, hidden by a curtain. It was a little dark and scary, but definitely a game winner!

Jesus wants to be our hiding place. Colossians 3:3 says, “For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.” I love this picture. We are hidden in Jesus. He surrounds us, protects us, and enfolds us in His care. The deeper we burrow into His heart, the more of Jesus is seen in my life. My goal is to be so hidden in Christ that others see Him rather than me.

My Jesus Resolution today is to hide myself deeper in the shadow of the cross. I want the people who look my way today to see Jesus first. I want them to hear His words in my voice. I want them to feel His love radiating from my heart. I want them to experience His grace through every one of my actions. His arms are a big enough for both of us. Will you hide with me?



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