God’s GPS

1 03 2010

Flying at 32,000 feet, we were all settling in for the trip to Houston. I pulled out my IPod and my book, and tried to get comfortable (or as comfortable as you can get squished together in a plane). I had just turned the page when the pilot’s voice boomed over the speakers. “Ladies and Gentlemen, our navigation system has failed. We must return to the airport immediately.”

The buzz in the plane started before the pilot clicked off the communication system. People all over this very full flight began wondering and worrying about what would happen next. In the end, everything was fine. We flew back to the airport (with several people anxiously watching out the window to make sure we hit the runway), the mechanics fixed the plane, and finally, several hours late, we landed in Houston.

Navigation systems are important. No one on the plane doubted the necessity of fixing the broken system. Without a navigational system, we would fly off course and crash.

Buckled into my seat, I thought about how many people try to live life without a spiritual navigation system. Despite understanding the importance of it in the physical world, how many times do I try to go my own direction, plan my own path, and plot my own course?

God gives us a GPS – Jesus. He is the Way. Walking with Him will get us exactly where we need to go. He will always lead us in the proper direction. He will choose the right path, take the right road, and open the right doors. He will get us home.

My Jesus Resolution today is to pay attention to my GPS – Jesus. I am going to focus on the directions He is giving me. I am going to check my route against the path He calls me to follow. I am going to match my footsteps with His, trying to walk as He did. I am going to let my desire to go home pull me closer to His side.



2 responses

1 03 2010
Katy Penick

Thank you for the “God’s GPS” article. You have such insight and are able to convey that insight of God and his word to others. Thank you for using that gift to encourage others and to glorify God. This article was such a lift on a Monday morning!
Thanks for the wonderful weekend that you shared with all the ladies of the church here. Everyone was blessed by you and wants to know …when can we have Casandra back?! 🙂

1 03 2010
Sandra Doss

Thanks for a wonderful article. I pray for wisdom like yours and know that if I sit in your classes and listen. I will only gain knowledge from the word spoken by you.

Thanks for being a wonderful teacher.

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