Dark Days

25 02 2010

Some days are just hard. The darkness overtakes the sunlight. The worry creeps in. The fear squeezes a little tighter. The pain grows stronger. The loneliness seems more unbearable. Hard days. Dark days. We all struggle with them

Dark days make it hard to see God. His fingerprints fade against the swirls of anxiety and doubt painted on the canvas of our days. His hand is hard to trace, His voice difficult to hear, and His presence impossible to find.

Hard times require hope. God gives us three steps to help us reorient our hearts when they are spinning around because of the dizziness induced by dark days.

  ~ Trust My plan. God is still in control even when we struggle to see Him. He is working His purpose out in our lives. His plan still seeks to move us closer to His heart.

  ~ Remember My promises. God’s faithfulness is unchanging and immovable. We can rely on the promises He makes to us. He will not let one of His words fall to the ground in your life, no matter how low you feel.

  ~ Connect with My people. Dark days tend to find us hiding under the covers waiting for the storm to pass. God calls us into the warmth of His family. Others can help us carry our burdens, encourage and love us, and help us see His movement in our lives when we can’t see it for ourselves.

My Jesus Resolution today is to make a “dark day” action plan. I am going to renew my commitment to trusting His plan, especially on days when I don’t know what to do. I am going to make a list of His promises, and note how I can see Him working them out in my life. I am going to build my connections with His people, even when it would be easier to close the door and stay home. Dark days are a part of life. With Jesus, we can choose to move our hearts into the Son.



One response

26 02 2010
Donna Crisp

Casandra, I am loving getting your e-mails. They are so uplifting and always a reminder of where we find our strenth, hope and comfort – especially in dark days. Thank you for continuing to allow God to speak through you. Donna Crisp

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