Defined by Jesus

24 02 2010

Walk through this list of names. What is the first word that comes to your mind when thinking about this person?

            Donald Trump

            Michael Jordan

            Julia Child

            Bill Gates

All of these people are defined by one thing. Donald Trump – money. Michael Jordan – basketball. Julia Child – cooking, Bill Gates – computers (and more money!) Their lives are, of course, complex, but they are known for one defining thing. There is one interest, one talent, one passion that centers their lives, making them recognizable in the world.

Look in the mirror. What defines you? If the people in your world had to sum your life’s focus and passion up in a word, what would it be? When people look at you, what do they see? What is the one thing they remember about you when they walk away?

Jesus. I want to be defined by Jesus. Too often my life is defined by the activity of the moment, my to-do list, the stuff that surrounds me, or the latest fad that catches my eye. Leaving a Jesus impression means having a Jesus focus. Being defined by Jesus means erasing all the other words, adjectives, and side notes that distract others from seeing Jesus in me.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be defined by Jesus. I will measure everything I do and say against the picture of Jesus I want others to see in me. I will be aware that some people I meet today will only get one opportunity to see Jesus in me. I will begin today to build a legacy that connects me to Jesus.



One response

24 02 2010
Renee Johnson

Everytime I see you, I see Jesus.
Thanks for being like Paul by challenging us to be imitators of Christ as you are.

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