Love Sees

10 02 2010

Love is blind. That’s what they say. Supposedly when you are in love, you are blind to all of the faults and failings of your beloved. You only see the good, positive, and lovely.

The problem with the “love is blind” definition of love is that one day you wake up. One morning, the honeymoon is over and real life (whatever that is) begins. You are now stuck with both the ugly and the beautiful, and it usually turns out to be more ugly than you realized.

This is how the world works. The world sees our shortcomings, flaws, and uneven places, and that is where it stops looking. It refuses to look beyond our reality to see our potential. Its love is blind.

God calls us to a deeper kind of love. He challenges us to understand that Love Sees. True love, His kind of love, isn’t blind to the struggles, stumbles, and scars in others. We see them, and choose to love through them. We see not only the broken places, but also the possibilities, dreams, and potential that often lay just below the surface.

This is how God loves us. He isn’t blind to our sin and struggles. Instead He loves us through them. He sees past the mess that our failings have made, seeing what we can be when we are immersed in Him.

My Jesus Resolution today is to see through the eyes of love. I want to see the possibilities in my children, the dreams of my spouse, and the potential in my friends. I also want to see those things in the people I meet at the store, in the neighborhood, and at work. I don’t want to love blindly. I want to have the heart of God, celebrating in them the unique possibilities that only love sees.



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