Be Mine

12 02 2010

It is almost Valentine’s Day. Flowers are everywhere. Hearts are around every corner. Pink and red dominate certain aisles in the stores. It is a day invented to celebrate love. While we can argue about over-commercialization and unrealistic expectations, the idea of being purposeful about sharing our love is a good one. How many times do we let the moment pass? How often do we fail to express our appreciation to someone for being a part of our lives? Take some time today to think about love. Make a list of the people who have touched your life for good. The people who bring a smile to your face. The people who are there for you when things are hard. The people whom you love that make life lovely. Then say it out loud. Write it in an email. Cut out little construction paper hearts. Bake a cookie. It isn’t the form of the expression that matters. What matters is that you tell them what a difference they make in your life.

God does it every day. The sun that is shining this morning – that is God. The flowers that are starting to bloom – that is God. The warm hug, the answered prayer, the clothes we wear – all love notes from God. He never misses an opportunity to paint His love across our lives. He loves to tell you how important you are to Him. He delights in you being in the center of His heart. Every day is filled with love notes from God. Each one is a valentine that says Be Mine.

My Jesus Resolution today will be to celebrate the love God pours into my life. Valentine’s Day may only come once a year, but God proclaims His love to me every day.



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