Happy _______ Day!

8 02 2010

Today I am taking my inspiration from my eight-year old nephew. Every morning, he gets up announcing what he is celebrating about the day. Yesterday, for example, was Happy Cousins Day! because he so loves to be with his family. Another day might be Happy Swimming Day! or Happy Pizza Day! I love the fact that he can find something to celebrate every day. No matter what is on the agenda, what has happened the day before, how he feels, or what the weather is like, he wakes up anticipating joy. As he said, “I am good at joy.”

In that statement, I hear the whisper of God. “I am good at joy,” He says. And it is a joy He wants to share with us. His desire is to listen to our hearts awaken each morning anticipating the joy that He will pour into the day. He longs for us to search the horizon of every moment, finding reasons to celebrate. Celebrate His presence. Celebrate His love. Celebrate His grace. Celebrate His goodness. Celebrate joy.

Psalm 118:24 says, “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” The fact that God made this day, filled it with possibilities to meet Him, hear His voice, experience His mercy, and be enfolded in His love are reasons to celebrate. He tells us that we can rejoice. Not everything in our day will be good, but we can celebrate the truth that in everything God is good.

My Jesus Resolution for today is to be good at joy. I am going to search for something to celebrate and rejoice in the possibilities God has planted in my day. Happy God Day! What are you celebrating today?



One response

8 02 2010
Renee Johnson

I can’t help but laugh as I read this blog. One week when my husband and I were at camp with the youth group, he decided he was going to do something silly and off- the- wall as usual so he thought, ” let me make up this phrase and see how far it spreads.” So every time he would come across someone new, he would say, “Happy Tapioca Day!” By the time the week was over he had many followers going around saying, “Happy Tapioca Day!” 🙂 Off-the wall it maybe, but at least he had many people going around with smiles on their faces and having a positive attitude.

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