The Heart Scan

9 11 2015

My friend had a heart procedure this week. After experiencing some discomfort, the doctors determined that they needed to take a look at my friend’s heart in order to see if there were any problems or concerns.

Settling into prayer, I smiled at the thought of the doctors trying to capture a picture of my friend’s heart. Looking at mere muscle and blood flow will never help them see the love she has for her family, her generous nature, her wonder at the ways of God, her infectious enthusiasm, or the way she giggles when she gets tickled about something. I wanted to send her doctors a message before the exam. “Say hi to Jesus when you find Him in her heart.”

I am thankful for medical technology and the health that it allows us to enjoy. I am also grateful that it doesn’t take a specialized procedure for me to see and benefit from the best things about my friend’s heart. She shares them with me every day.

Each day our hearts are on display for the world. Our words reveal our character. Our actions expose our priorities. Our choices showcase our motives. Others notice the integrity of our commitment, our confidence in the face of struggle, and the alignment of our words and our actions. Whether we realize it or not, the world is scanning our hearts every day looking for evidence of Jesus.

My Jesus Resolution today is to do a heart scan. I am going to cut out a paper heart and spend a few minutes writing down what I want others to see when they look at me. I want words like joy, grace, humility, surrender, and thanksgiving to come into focus when people catch a glimpse of my heart. I am going to spend time with the Great Physician today, asking Him to do what is necessary to heal and transform my heart for His glory. Mostly, I want to be like my friend. Someone whose heart is shaped like and by the cross.



One response

10 11 2015
Ana Harshaw

This is Beautiful…Sharing with my hubby during our a.m. coffee. He said, ‘Heart to Heart’ it just came to him. Hope all is well with you. Thanks for sharing your loving friendship~you are so blessed. Much love, mrs. ana ❤

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