Every Page

6 11 2015

She is almost two years old and cute as a button. Soft curls flip the ends of her blonde hair around her sweet rosy cheeks. She loves Minnie Mouse, mirrors, and her little pink Bible.

Sitting next to each other, her giggles and my smiles filled the moment with precious joy. She was animated and excited about going to Bible class. She saw her teacher enter the room, and almost jumped out of her chair. Mom caught her with a practiced arm, settling her back into place.

Eyeing the room, this little one caught sight of her older sister reading Mom’s Bible. With a delighted expression, my little seatmate grabbed her pink Bible, handed it to me, and said, “Read!” We opened the pages, found a spot, and I asked her, “What does it say? It says ‘Jesus loves me!’” We “read” several sections of the Bible together before she took her Bible, tucked it under her arm, and kneeled down in her chair.

Then came the holy moment. This little angel decided to read the Bible for herself. She carefully opened God’s book, asking herself the question that is the basis for all good Bible study – “What does it say?” With each page, she whispered the answer written in every word – “Jesus loves me!” Satisfied, she bowed her head, and I caught my breath in wonder.

My Jesus Resolution today is to learn the lesson she already has written on her heart. Every page of the Bible, every word, every paragraph, every sentence is infused with one truth – Jesus loves me. Every miracle displays the might of His love. Every commandment searches the depth of His love. Every prophecy stretches out the length of His love. Every story of every person reveals the intimate touch of His love. Today, when I open my Bible, I am going to ask myself, “What does it say?” No matter what page I am on, I know that the answer will be, “Jesus loves me!”



2 responses

6 11 2015
Theresa Watkins

Praise God. Jesus loves this I know, for the Bible tells me so… Thanking God, for His healing hand that is upon you!

Jesus love you and so do I

6 11 2015

Amen Amen, Thank you !!

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