19 08 2015

Where do you get your strength? There are days when we all must reach deep for the strength to go on. The world encourages us to lean on wealth, success, work, people, or our own ability to relax. These things provide some measure of strength, but in the end, do not provide the deep strength we need to face life’s struggles.

I love the words that Nehemiah and Ezra use to teach the people about God. In the latter part of Nehemiah 8:10, these men of God remind the people, “…the joy of the Lord is your strength.” I am not sure that we usually connect joy and strength. Joy seems more of a result word while in our minds strength is a process word. Here we learn that joy is fundamental to having the strength to move forward. Finding His joy launches us past our pain. Investing ourselves in His joy provides the fuel we need to face our daily struggles and difficult circumstances. Celebrating His joy is what makes our lives a testimony to the world that God’s promises are possible even when things look impossible. God encourages us to start with joy. His joy has the power to ignite the His power in our hearts. When we do, we will have the strength we need to face whatever today brings.

My Jesus Resolution today is to depend on His joy for my strength. Too many times I rely on the world’s answers. As a result, I let pain, problems, and struggles define my perspective. God wants me to allow His joy to be my strength. When I do, I can face my daily challenges strong because of His presence and power.



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