17 08 2015

Mention change and people get a little wary. Change is inevitable, but it is amazing how we fight it, get frustrated by it, try to forego it, or feel intimidated by it. Change makes us uncomfortable because it requires a step into the unknown. Even when it is a change we know is good for us, we tend to drag our feet just a bit, make excuses, and look for alternate paths. We are addicted to comfort.

God is in the change business. He changes hearts, changes lives, changes minds, changes attitudes, changes circumstances, changes perspectives, and ultimately, changes our realities. He changes us from being sin-infected, guilt-encrusted, and shame-saturated souls to being people of abundant joy, light, peace, grace, and purpose. Transformation is at the center of how God wants to work in our lives, but, like all change, we hesitate before surrendering.

My Jesus Resolution today is to embrace the change God wants to work in my life. It won’t all be easy. I have a stubborn soul. Learning to look like Jesus is a transformation that will take a lifetime. God’s patience, grace, and faithfulness will continue to shape me and draw me deeper into His presence. I am profoundly thankful that He doesn’t give up on me when I stumble and struggle. God is committed to change me for His glory. Today I renew my commitment to trust God and open my heart to His change.



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23 08 2015

If there was not change, we would not have butterflies.

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