Everyday Miracles

13 07 2015

We are surrounded by everyday miracles. Every day, God moves in our world. He answers prayers, lights the stars, spins this planet, and touches our souls. His presence is found in the wind. His light is seen in the sun. His mercy is felt in the rain. His love saturates our world like the unseen air that fills our lungs.

I have come to take miracles for granted. Sunsets, flowers, butterflies, and smiles grace my days. Too often, I don’t see. Friends walk out of hospitals, and I forget to stand in wonder. Peace comes in odd shapes and packages in the middle of dark nights, and I breathe again without stopping to worship. Blessings pile up at my door, and I walk around them to get on my busy, distracted way.

There is nothing ordinary about the miraculous. There isn’t anything ho-hum about the movement of God in our lives. Grace is a gift to be celebrated – every day. The cross stands as a reminder that the ordinary, everyday stuff of life is being transformed by the supernatural presence of God With Us. I am being changed into the likeness of Jesus, and that is a miracle all its own.

My Jesus Resolution today is to count my everyday miracles. I don’t want to live a distracted life. I want to have my eyes and heart open to all the ways God is at work around me and within me. I want to celebrate His nearness, exalt in His goodness, rest in His love, and satisfy myself with His grace. I want awe and wonder and worship to come as easily as breathing. I want every heartbeat to remind me that I am surrounded by everyday miracles. If I can count those beats, I will just begin to count the ways that God is at work around me.



2 responses

13 07 2015
ana harshaw

Good Monday Morning Casandra 🙂 So good to read your post first thing…it’s like sitting at your kitchen table sharing our Joy & blessings in Christ. Thank you for being a morning blessing to an old senior lady in the Lord. mrs. ana

13 07 2015
Martha Fassino

I loved this entry. Thank you for reminding me to look for God’s miracles. Certainly blesses my day.

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