The Cross

10 07 2015

I have a cross wall in my kitchen. It is a place where I hang the crosses that I have collected or been given over the years. It is my favorite space in our house. Each cross is special. Each one tells a story. There are crosses that have traveled across oceans that have been chosen to speak grace into my life, that are etched with words meant to inspire hope and courage, and that proclaim beauty is found in God’s great gift. Yet, no matter what color, shape, or size, each cross reminds me of His story, His sacrifice, and His singular passion for me.

Seeing the cross helps us count the cost of our sin. It reminds us to surrender to deep love, and stand in wonder at the lengths to which God will go to pursue us and make us His own. The empty tomb is a source of unending joy, amazement, and transformation. Because He lives, we can live, really live in all of the abundance and grace that God has stored up for us since before creation. My cross wall reminds me to go to the cross and empty tomb every day and spend a few minutes remembering, repenting, and rejoicing. Jesus died and Jesus lives. It doesn’t get better than that.

My Jesus Resolution today is to celebrate, remember, stand in awe, bow in humility, and experience joy. Jesus lives! This amazing truth changes everything. Today when I see a cross, I am going to look for its beauty, celebrate its power, and open my heart to the transformation it offers. I long to be a cross-shaped, cross-empowered, cross-guided, cross-proclaiming child of God, so today I am going to be deliberate about letting its shape imprint deeply on my soul.



One response

10 07 2015
Karen Gill

When you said, “It doesn’t get any better than that,” it reminded me of many commercials we see on T.V. of people partying with beer in their hands and the same quote is used. What a contrast! One situation is centered around God’s truth, the other is centered around what the world believes is true.

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