My Posse

12 06 2015

They were playing and laughing, while trying to hit the target they had made from a quilt on the wall. Balls were flying, giggles were erupting, and the dog was a little bewildered by all the chaos. It was music to my ears. My big kids were playing with a precious little family friend. I was smiling at the way they love each other when I heard our young friend say, “Buddy is my posse.”

Old western movies have a posse of men who chase the outlaws. They were groups of men committed to bring about justice and return peace to the town. They have each other’s backs, stand with each other, determined to support each other through thick and thin.

We all need a posse.

We all need friends who will surround us, walk with us, hold us accountable, pray with us and for us, and help us look like Jesus. We need people on our side. Friends who will be on our team and have our backs. A posse does more than have fun or show up for the same event. They invest in each other, bringing peace into the turbulence of life. Your posse creates a place of safety, authenticity, and trust for your heart as we face life’s injustices, brokenness, and sorrows.

My Jesus Resolution today is to name my posse. I love the way our little friend made a claim on my son. He wants to be on his team, and he knows my son will have his back. I am going to take a moment today to appreciate the people who are invested in my life and help me be better. I want to open my heart to the truth that I look more like Jesus because they walk by my side. God made us to be connected. A little guy reminded me not to take those precious relationships for granted.




2 responses

12 06 2015

I love this. Thank you.

12 06 2015
ana harshaw

Thank you Casandra, so good to hear your joyfully hearing the young ones. You’re surely blessed…mrs. ana

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