10 06 2015

He was being a servant. Walking up and down the aisles at worship, this young dad was helping others remember the Lord through communion. He was doing a great job, but when he passed by, I almost burst out laughing. I was so tickled I poked my husband and pointed to our friend. All down one leg of his pants were stickers – rainbows, hearts, butterflies, you get the idea. He was covered in the imagination, affection, and creativity of his beautiful little daughter. His little girl wasn’t any place where I could see her, but it only took a glance to know that he had been in her presence.

What an amazing, holy moment.

This dad became a snapshot of what it means to walk with Christ. He was so covered in the love of his daughter that he gave and served without even realizing that her touch on him was recognizable. He was so used to being ‘stickered’ that he walked unashamed through his tasks, and unapologetic for the place his daughter holds in his life. He knew that it was more important to come back to his daughter with the stickers in place than to care what anyone else thought. She used him as a living illustration of surrender, and he proudly embraced the moment for the rest of us to see.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be just like that young dad. I want to be more concerned about wearing Jesus than impressing the world. I want others to see His fingerprints on my life, and notice the blessings of spending time in His presence. I long to live unashamed, unapologetic, and unwavering about who I belong to, who I want to be, and Who loves me. I want to live a ‘stickered’ life so that others can see Jesus when they see me.



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10 06 2015
Katy Penick

I will say it again…God just oozes out of you Casandra. Love you so much!

10 06 2015

Loved it, so much I copied it and sent it to several friends. If I get any responses of note, I’ll pass them back to you. Keep writing, you never know when you might stir and “old” geezer to action – as you have. Sherwood

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14 06 2015
Paula Freeman

This is adorable. Others might judge that he didn’t take enough care to “dress for the occasion,” but you’re interpretation turned it into a beautiful object lesson. What a difference having a positive, Christ-centered attitude makes.

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