Prince of Peace

17 12 2014

We live in a climate of conflict. Terrorists kill innocents to assert their agenda. Blood feuds rage between countries, tribes, and neighbors. Race, gender, religion, and politics become lines that divide people into conflicting ideologies. Fear is wielded as the weapon of choice. Angry rhetoric fills the air. Every day there is another headline, another wave of sorrow, another reason for peace to sound like a long lost dream.

Peace. I don’t have to turn on the news to hunger for its presence. I just need to look in the mirror. The conflict within me rages hot enough to scorch the edges of my soul. Worries, selfishness, exhaustion, frustration, and desperation collide with pain and circumstances causing my heart to languish, weary and worn. Sin gnaws at my resolve. Good intentions meet my tendency to be overwhelmed, leaving behind a wake of guilt.

“…and his name shall be called…Prince of Peace.” – Isaiah 9:c

Here is good news. Peace isn’t an elusive emotion we stumble after in the darkness. Peace is a person who loves us, is committed to redeeming us, and invites us to join Him in the light. Hungering for peace means I ache for Jesus. His presence helps us stand, rather than crumple, in the middle of our circumstances. His faithfulness fuels our faith as we declare, even if only in a whisper, that God reigns in this world no matter what others are yelling. His promises chase away the shadows of sin, guilt, and shame, allowing peace to take up residence in our lives.

My Jesus Resolution today is to untie my knots by tying myself to Jesus. Peace doesn’t come because I get it all right, have it all together, or figure out all the answers. Peace comes when I fall, broken and needy, at the feet of the right Person. It is His presence that makes the difference. It is His power that can transform my days. It is for this purpose that He entered our conflict, coming as a child, leaving crucified, and declaring with His life a love so vast it brings peace on earth and goodwill toward men.



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