Everlasting Father

15 12 2014

He ran across the restaurant into his dad’s arms. Understand that this was no discreet, take-your-time, I’m cool embrace. He literally dove into his father’s open arms. The boy is now taller and bigger than his dad, but in his movement I saw the shadow of a thousand similar runs – toddling baby steps, look-how-fast-I-am steps, I’m-so-sorry-dad steps, wow-I’m taller-than-you steps, and so many more. It was neat to watch his enthusiasm, excitement, sense of security, and absolute knowledge that he is loved beyond measure. His dad’s arms are safe haven.

Fathers are a child’s first picture of God. That is why their role in a child’s life is so critical. A father has the power to shape images of God’s presence that resonate deep in the soul. Of course, not every father fulfills this purpose. Much of the brokenness in this world finds its heartache in people who have never known a father’s unconditional love.

Good news pours from the pen of Isaiah as he continues to tell us about the Messiah coming to bring salvation to the world.

“…and his name shall be called…Everlasting Father,” – Isaiah 9:c

No matter what type of earthly father you have, Isaiah paints a picture of Jesus that speaks to every individual’s heart. He is an Everlasting Father. This isn’t a formal name or title as it is with God as much as it is a portrait of Jesus’ love. He enters the world, stepping into our lives as a safe haven, a steady presence. He opens His arms, inviting us to run full force into His strength, His faithfulness, His mercy, His provision, and His comfort. He covers us with grace, sheltering us beneath His strong arms. Everything you have ever needed in a father, Jesus provides.

My Jesus Resolution today is to learn from my son how to run into the arms of the Everlasting Father. There was no hesitation. He didn’t doubt his steps or his reception. Neither should I. And as amazing as it was to see my son’s face as he ran to his father, it was the joy on his father’s face that spoke deeply to my heart. The boy looks like me, needs, insecurities, worries, and fears hanging out all transparent and desperate. The dad looks like Jesus, joy in His eyes that His child is running into His arms.



3 responses

15 12 2014
Marcy Schaefer

Thanks for the mental picture of “J” and for the one of my guys that came to my mind, too……………….marcy

16 12 2014
Paula Pancoast

Thank you for capturing the beautiful Father/child relationship Casandra. The world is in such need for guidance in parenting. Children are empty because they have no solid relationships with their earthly or spiritual Father. We love your WOW study guides and wonder if at some point you might do one on Christian parenting? Your wisdom and words are done in such a loving, Godly and poignant way. Thank you! Keep these posts and books coming!

16 12 2014
Karen Underwood

Thank you for the morning devotion. It was very beautiful. Just yesterday I was picking up a 1 year old baby girl from daycare. It was such a joy to see her spot my face and coming running into my arms. This message is indeed timely because it reminds me to run to the Father the same way the child ran to me.

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