Wonderful Counselor

10 12 2014

The call came late. I answered with a question mark in my mind, knowing from the caller ID that it was my son on the line. We chatted for a minute before he started talking about what was on his heart. He needed a listening ear, some words of advice, and a dose of mom love.

Who do you call when you need guidance? Where do you go when your heart is heavy, when your way is cloudy, or when you need a friend? We all need people in our lives who will speak truth into our questions, love into our hearts, and confidence into our fears. We need friends who can help us feel God’s presence, trace His fingerprints, and discover His purpose.

“…and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor,” – Isaiah 9:6c

As Isaiah points forward to the child coming to bring salvation to the world, the prophet begins to reveal the names that will define His movement in our lives. The first thing we learn about the anticipated Messiah is that He offers Himself to us as our Counselor. His wisdom illuminates our questions. His presence infuses our loneliness. His truth transforms the doubts that plague our hearts. He is a wonderful counselor, inviting us to call on Him, draw close to His heart, and rest in the surety of His strength.

My Jesus Resolution today is to call on my Counselor. For all the excitement of the holidays, there is also a lot of stress. It sometimes feels strange to struggle at a time of year in which everything is billed as jolly and bright, but the truth is we all have those difficult moments. Jesus reminds us that no matter the day, the situation, the hurts, or the need, He is here, available to bring His peace and perspective to our souls.



One response

10 12 2014
Denise McEwen

I am a new reader to your blog. Thank you for this post Cassandra.


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