The Gift

8 12 2014

I have a December baby. He was born between Thanksgiving and Christmas, between gratitude and joy. We anxiously awaited his arrival, knowing that every year we would celebrate and remember the way his presence brightens and transforms our family.

All children are a gift. They teach us about trust, dependence, unconditional love, laughter, fearlessness, and grace. In their faces, we see a reflection of ourselves. In their actions, we are challenged to be better. In their faith, we are invited deeper into the Father’s presence.

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given;” – Isaiah 9:6a

Isaiah announces the greatest gift of all. Wrapped in the small bundle of a newborn, the Messiah enters the world as a gift given to us in love. His presence defies logic, stuns reason, and stretches the imagination. Never could we have dreamed that the Savior would need diaper changes, skin his knee, or cry to be held. Never could we have imagined that God in His might would humble Himself by entering our experience so completely. But that is the gift that we have in Jesus. He came to live in our world so that we might live with Him in heaven.

My Jesus Resolution today is to celebrate God’s greatest gift. Christmas is a gift-giving, gift-anticipating, gift-receiving season. Children bring sparkle and excitement to this time of year. They receive with open hands and open hearts. Their enthusiasm and delight teach me how to receive the heavenly gifts God pours into my life. Today, I am going to let every package, bow, roll of wrapping paper, and gift bag remind me of the gift God gave me in Jesus.



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