Squeals of Joy

21 11 2014

She sat quietly in the teacher’s meeting. When it came her time to share what was happening in her Bible class, her face lit up. Her smile stretched across her face, a twinkle danced in her eyes, and passion filled her voice. She teaches our babies, and couldn’t wait to tell us about her class.

Creation wonders filled the sky. Noah brought animals two by two. Baby Jesus makes a quiet, awe-inspiring appearance in a manger. The little ones absorb every song and hang on every story. Her delight, however, magnified when she talked about the moment when squeals of joy are heard around the table. The children are most excited when she passes out the Bible for them to hold and touch. “Bible! Bible!” she told us they squeal. Giggles and grins literally fill the room when these little ones get to hold a Bible.

I smiled. I am so thankful for her commitment and passion to teach these youngest and most precious of hearts the value and joy of God’s Word. Their squeals, however, also served as a mirror for my soul. When was the last time my heart sped up with excitement when I picked up my Bible? Do I anticipate His presence with that much enthusiasm? Is reading His Word the best part of my day?

My Jesus Resolution today is to look at my Bible differently. I want to see it through the eyes of a child. It is a book that tells me how much I am loved, how special I am to the Lord, and how amazing His works are on my behalf. I want to pause before opening my Bible, letting the anticipation build as I prepare to enter His presence. I want to humble my heart in the face of His wisdom, surrender before His sovereignty, and expect to be changed by His power. I might even squeal.



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