To A Young Mom

10 11 2014

Dear young mother,

I watched you today in worship. You spent the hour doling out cheerios, retrieving toys, quieting babies, and dealing with a tantrum. You looked around a little embarrassed, hoping, but not believing, that no one noticed the mess surrounding your pew. You shook your head, whispering that maybe it just isn’t worth it right now. Maybe when they are older or you have it more together, you can make it all work.

Please look in my eyes and hear this truth. I watched you in worship today and praised God for you. I thanked God for your commitment to bring your children into God’s presence and introduce them to worship. You inspired me, challenged me, stretched me, and humbled me with your deep love and searching heart. You reminded me of Jesus’ love for children and His command that my faith needs to find its mirror in the face of your little ones.

I know these days are hard. You spend more time walking in and out than sitting and listening. Worship days mess up their schedule, interfere with bedtimes, and make for cranky Mondays. Please believe me when I tell you that what you are doing is so worth the investment. You may not see it in the midst of disrupted naps and lost shoes, but every time you faithfully make worship a priority, you are writing His glory into the story of your children’s lives. You are giving them a foundation that will not be easily broken, a framework that will help them build a faith that will stand for a lifetime.

My Jesus Resolution today is to cheer on a young mom. Little ones grow up so fast, and it doesn’t take long to forget the courage and commitment it requires to get small children to church. I want to slow down, hug a young mom, and whisper to her heart that God sees, knows, and is blessing her efforts. I want to be able to listen to a baby’s fussing and hear faith growing. I want you to know, young mom, that you are doing great. The seeds you are planting today will someday bloom into something that will take your breath away as you watch them grow up to look like Jesus.



One response

10 11 2014

I know you weren’t sitting behind me yesterday because our family was on the back row. However, you could have been based on your post. As a mom to 3 young boys, thank you for your timely encouragement.
Wendy (friend of the Schaefer family)

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