Sing Loud

7 11 2014

It is one of my earliest memories. I was four years old. My little sister had taken a tumble and broken her arm. My mom carried two little girls to the doctor’s office. I’m sure she was frazzled and worried. My sister was crying and in pain. I was wide-eyed and trying to be a helper. Finally, they called my sister’s name. While we would never dream of doing this today, I was told that I had to sit in the waiting room while my mom took my sister back to see the doctor.

Suddenly, the waiting room seemed very big. I was just a little girl trying to hold it together, scared about sitting by myself in a room full of strangers. I sat in the big, plastic chair, not moving because I was obeying my mom’s instructions to sit still. As my nerves increased, I began to do the only thing I could think of to calm my heart. I began to sing ‘Jesus Loves Me.’ At first, I whispered the words, but as the familiar tune washed over me, I began to sing louder. Pretty soon, the entire waiting room echoed with the voice of a little girl reminding herself that ‘Jesus loves me, this I know…’

I don’t know what is scaring you today or making your heart pound with fear or twisting your insides into knots. Maybe you can see it coming. Perhaps it will take you by surprise. Whatever happens, a four year old’s wisdom might be the best answer to face your fear head on, and remind your heart of the truth it most needs to hear – Jesus loves me, this I know…

My Jesus Resolution today is to sing. I want to be as brave as my four year old self. I want to sing at the top of my lungs as I face my fear. I want to forget fretting and focus on simply being faithful. I want the truth of God’s love to fill me up and overflow into the space and people around me. All it takes is the courage to sing, ‘Jesus loves me, this I know…’



One response

7 11 2014
Donna Jefferson

Casandra – I love the post that you send each Mon, Wed. Friday- today’s is very special – my favorite song and I sing it always when I need it whether in bed, car, home or whereever…I’m sure my husband was very tired of it at the time of my mother’s death but it kept me going!

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