One Percent

18 08 2014

One percent. It doesn’t sound like much. A one percent change in economic indicators or political polling is considered inconsequential. One percent is easy to dismiss because one percent doesn’t seem like it could make any difference.

That is what I thought too, until I saw a billboard that captured my attention and challenged me to look at one percent with new eyes. Here is what it said: “When 1% of the church shows up, abortion stops.” One percent can change somebody’s life, save somebody’s life. Perhaps one percent has more power than I realized.

It got me thinking. What else might one percent be able to accomplish if we committed, as God’s people, to showing up? Showing up means leaving our comfort zones and stepping into the messy brokenness of the world. It is hard. It is scary. We like the safety of our bubbles. It requires time, sacrifice, and a willingness to make our hearts vulnerable. It means that we stop complaining about the problems in the world and develop a willingness to be a part of the solution. For ninety-nine percent of us, we are content to gripe about a problem on Facebook or with our friends. How might God work if one percent of us showed up, committed to bringing grace, mercy, and hope into the darkness that fills our world?

My Jesus Resolution today is to step out of the comfort zone of the ninety-nine percent and be a part of the one percent that shows up. Romans 8:31 says, “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” There is power in the one percent because God’s power flows through those dedicated to bringing Jesus to the hard, messy, broken places in our world. And when God’s power is at work, hope blossoms, grace flows, and transformation is unleashed. Ninety-nine percent or one percent? Do you have the courage to show up?



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18 08 2014
curtis durham

So right,

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