Upside Down

15 08 2014

Did you ever hang upside down as a child? I used to climb up the swing set, looking at the world with my legs wrapped around the top bar and my long hair dangling toward the ground. Upside down, everything looked different. The sky stretched out like a blue field. The clouds looked like stepping stones into adventure. Even the grass and the dirt that now formed my sky looked wonderful and new upside down.

In many ways, God’s kingdom is an upside down kingdom. It stands in such complete contrast to the ways and values of the world that being a part of His kingdom is a call to live an upside down life. Here are ten upside down ways Jesus calls us to live.

1. Love your enemies.

2. Be humble.

3. Be a servant.

4. Last place can be the best place.

5. The surest way to live is to die.

6. There is victory in surrender.

7. Maturity means having the faith of a child.

8. Be still.

9. Live transparently.

10. There is more joy in giving than receiving.

My Jesus Resolution today is to live upside down. The world tells me that self-interest, power, possessions, and status are the goals to which I should dedicate myself. Jesus calls me to live so radically different from my culture that it will feel like I am looking at things upside down. But maybe, just maybe, when I live like Jesus wants me to live, I am looking at the world as it was really meant to be seen.



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