16 07 2014

“People see God every day, they just don’t recognize him.” – Pearl Bailey


It had been raining…a lot. The ground was saturated, puddles stood in the street, and everything just seemed soggy. We kept looking up at the sky hoping to see sunshine, but dark gray clouds hugged the horizon. Everyone was tired of rain – even the worms.


You see, we had had so much rain that the ground was drenched. The earth was so wet and heavy that the worms literally came out of the dirt by the thousands. The soil was so saturated that the worms crawled out of the wet mess and found refuge on the concrete. Everywhere we looked, we saw wiggling, squirming masses of worms.


I wrinkled my nose, checked my shoes, thought that Noah was lucky for only having to deal with two worms, and began to carefully tip toe to the car. I should have known, but I was too focused on getting through the rain drops and on to my errands. I turned around to hurry my young son along and caught a glimpse of a holy moment. Head bowed, he was crouched down on the sidewalk looking intensely at the worms. He was fascinated by their color, movement, smell, and activity. He wanted to know where they lived, why they were here, and how long they would stay. “Mom,” he said. “Isn’t it cool? God made all these worms!” I repented as I gathered him into my arms. I had almost missed God because it was inconvenient, messy, and didn’t fit my preconceptions.


My Jesus Resolution today is to look for God in the small things today. Too often, I want to focus on grand gestures, dazzling displays, and big catch-your-breath moments. Often, however, God weaves the evidence of His presence into the small details of my day. He opens doors, answers prayers, provides strength, and gives me a song. I have the opportunity to see God every day. I just have to learn how to see His beauty wherever He decides to plant it – even in the worms.



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16 07 2014

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We all need to take time to see God in the small things…

16 07 2014

Beautiful as usual and Heavenly Father I also often rush about missing the beauty in moments you placed before me. Help my focus to remain on the simple things those hug blessings, smiles, gentle hellos and for all the provisions I often take for granted. Thank you for this moment for things shared by others that reflect your love and call us to trust in You.

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