Amazing Grace

14 07 2014

Sometimes the sermon your heart most needs to hear is lived out in front of you by a child.


She is two. Curly brown hair frames her sweet face. She enjoys saying hello to people, is learning how to pray, and absolutely loves going to Bible class. Sitting near us with her family, she is learning how to worship and come into God’s presence with surrender and joy.


We were about half way through worship when we heard a little bit of movement behind us. We had started singing Amazing Grace, and the song caught the little one’s attention. She started down the row with her family looking for arms to hold her and a place to lay her head. There were a couple of giggles as her determination to find a still spot became evident.


After church, her family explained what happened. Every night before going to bed, they sing and pray together. The song they sing right before she goes to sleep is Amazing Grace. When she heard the song in worship, she took it as a cue to find open arms and a strong shoulder to lean on. She laid her head down, thinking that it was time to go to sleep.


Her sweet little actions taught me a powerful lesson. Grace is an invitation to draw near to God, step into His open embrace, and still our souls. Every time we see grace, read about grace, experience grace, or sing about grace is an opportunity to recognize God’s presence, settle our hearts in His truth, and rest in His love.


My Jesus Resolution today is to sing Amazing Grace. As I sing, I am going to focus on the invitation grace extends to my heart. “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.” I am going to let grace speak through the worry, discouragement, and fear that too often overwhelms me, and listen for His voice. “That saved a wretch like me.” In Christ, I am being made new. The old is gone, the new has come. Now I am a child with a Father who longs to hold me tight. “I once was lost, but now am found.” There is joy in being found, in knowing you are right where you belong. “I was blind, but now I see.” Grace opens our eyes to God’s power and presence, inviting us into His arms and into His rest.



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