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19 05 2014

I am a recovering perfectionist. I spent years looking at the world through fault-finding glasses. I could size up any situation and find at least one thing that needed to be “improved.” I could interact with other people and zero in on what they needed to do differently so that they would be happier, more successful, or more useful to me. The most exhaustive examination came when I looked in the mirror. Critical scrutiny of my choices, my attitude, my appearance, my feelings, my accomplishments, and my relationships filled my days and worried my heart at night. I was never good enough.

Being a perfectionist is about more than wanting to be a better person. Being a perfectionist is about never being satisfied with the person I am or the people around me or the circumstances in which I find myself. Perfectionism is the enemy of joy.

Holley Gerth wrote, “We can sabotage our good lives by demanding perfect ones.”

Paul said it this way, “..for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.” – Philippians 4:11b

Contentment doesn’t mean that we can’t desire change or improvement. Contentment calls our eyes to focus on finding fabulous rather than fault. We generally find what we seek. I will always be able to find reasons to be unhappy, dissatisfied, or disappointed. Looking for fabulous means concentrating on the joy that fills this moment, the blessings that point to God’s presence, and the truth that we are deeply loved for exactly who we are today.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be a fabulous finder. Giving up perfectionism is hard. For some reason, it is easier to wade through the ugly than it is to celebrate life’s beauty. Fear feeds perfectionism. Faith feeds contentment. When I can latch onto the fabulous in my day, my heart begins to breathe. I begin to see possibilities instead of obstacles. Peace can seep into the crevices of my soul. It is easier to extend grace to others and the reflection in the mirror. And perhaps that is the most fabulous thing of all.



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20 05 2014

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For all the perfectionists out there.

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