I Can’ts

16 05 2014

Have you ever been hemmed in by your I Can’ts? Sometimes my I Can’ts loom large. One I Can’t tumbles into another until they create an obstacle that seems too big to overcome. My I Can’ts press in on my heart, making me feel like I have weights in my soul. My I Can’ts create shadows that dim my vision and weaken my courage. One I Can’t seems to open the door to another one and before long, I am boxed in by the impossible.

I Can’ts are real, but grow when I feed them. The more I look at them, define them, study their boundaries, and trace their ripples, the more discouraged I become. They can make me feel stuck, incapable of moving forward or discovering any open doors for my heart.

When I come face-to-face with my I Can’ts, I have two choices. I can slump under the weight of all that I can’t do or be, or I can look for the I Can’s that God empowers me to experience. God is not limited by my I Can’ts. He is a God of possibilities, opportunities, and promises. He invites me to look past the I Can’ts that seem so overwhelming, and rest in the truth that He is bigger, stronger, and more powerful than any I Can’t on my horizon.

My Jesus Resolution today is to focus on my I Can’s. Because of Jesus, I can choose worship over worry, prayer over a pity party, and counting my blessings over complaining about my circumstances. I can choose to see what God is doing instead of focusing on things I can’t do. It may even be in my I Can’ts that God’s glory might be magnified, His grace revealed, and His love most deeply experienced.



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16 05 2014

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Are you thinking “I can’t”, about anything today? Read this.

16 05 2014
Oleta Coleman

Amen, Casandra, amen!

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