Getting Back Up

7 04 2014

I took a tumble. I’ll be okay, but I am stiff, sore, and a little embarrassed. Most of the time, we aren’t aware of gravity’s power, but every once and a while its truth is reaffirmed in bruised knees and bruised egos.

Fast forward one week. It was time for me to go back to the place where I fell. I was nervous. Everybody had seen me fall. What would they say? What did they think? Still sore, I wasn’t sure I could do what was required. I prayed for courage, stepped in the door, and learned a powerful lesson about getting back up.

The people who greeted me did so with grace. There was no drama about last week’s excitement. They didn’t dismiss it either. They accepted me where I was, and together we worked to take the next step forward.

My Jesus Resolution today is to get back up. We all fall. It is one of life’s realities. Getting back up means drawing a new starting line. Where you are doesn’t matter as much as which direction you are going. We can spend our time being upset that we fell, or we can get back up, hold Jesus’ hand, and take the next step.



One response

8 04 2014
Glenda Koctar

Glad you are ok and moving forward. We all need this good reminder occasionally.

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