The Prayer Gift

13 12 2013

I love Christmas wrapping paper. There, I said it. I would collect wrapping paper if it wasn’t so difficult to store. I love the colors, the patterns, the textures, and the sparkle. Christmas wrapping paper makes me smile. It is fun, and is an essential element to transforming the pile in my bathtub into gifts that go under the tree.

Prayer is a lot like wrapping paper. It transforms what we wrap it around. When we give someone a wrapped gift, there is a sense of anticipation and excitement as we watch for smiles. Wrapping our cares, worries, joys, struggles, and needs in prayer does the same thing. We pour out our hearts before the Lord, wrapping each piece in prayer. Then we wait and watch. Because our needs are wrapped in prayer, we can live with open eyes, anticipating how God is going to move in each moment to fill it with His glory.

My Jesus Resolution today is to wrap my day in prayer. There is no greater gift that I can give someone than to wrap them in prayer. My struggles and my worries are transformed when I cover them in prayer and give them to God. My joys are made sweeter when I enclose them in an offering of praise. With each prayer comes transformation. My relationship with God is transformed as I open my heart wider to His presence. My stress and cares are transformed as I wrap them and put them in His hands. The people I pray for are transformed as God touches their lives. With every gift I wrap, I am going to pray for the person whose name is on the bow. Can you think of a better present?



One response

13 12 2013
Oleta Coleman

No, I cannot think of a better gift, and you personally are wrapped in so many layers of prayer! You cannot imagine, but what a joy as you unwrap each and every layer of prayer and realize the love in all those hearts who are lifting up your sweet name before His throne of grace.

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