The Trust Gift

11 12 2013

This story comes straight to you from the faith-full heart of a nine year old girl.

A grandmother and her granddaughter were enjoying lunch together at a local restaurant. The grandmother was telling her granddaughter how she and her friends meet at the restaurant every week, spending time together talking and enjoying deep friendship. “What do you talk about?” asked the granddaughter. “Everything,” said the grandmother with a smile. “You know, we sit together and solve the world’s problems.” The granddaughter looked at her grandmother with a puzzled expression. “Why? Don’t you think God can handle it?”


I love her insight. I am humbled and inspired by her words. I find myself needing to repent and to rub my bruised toes because she speaks the truth about my heart. Trust is a gift that we can offer to God this holiday season. Trust says that we understand who God is and that knowing His heart will change the direction of our hearts. Worry, anxiety, fretting, and stress all speak to my frantic efforts to manage the world around me. Trust allows me to step out of the driver’s seat and depend on the goodness of the Lord. I don’t have to know all the answers. I don’t even have to ask the right questions. I just have to acknowledge that God is in control, and keep my eyes open to the way He is working out His good and perfect will in me for His glory.

My Jesus Resolution today is to trust and obey. Every time worry creeps in and tries to snag my heart, I am going to resist the urge to grab the reins and find my own answers. I am going to allow trust to be a gift that my heart gives to God. A gift that is wrapped in surrender, quietness, and a willingness to wait. Whatever you are facing today, whatever worry has a stranglehold on your heart, whatever fear is holding you hostage, God can handle it. God is handling it because God has His hand on you. Trust Him.



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