Mirror, Mirror

18 10 2013

Talking about looking like Jesus always inspires me. Every time I walk through the scriptures that point me to His face and call me to be conformed to His image settles my soul back into what is foundational about faith.

After opening our Bibles and discussing what looking like Jesus means to the reflection in my mirror, a woman hurried toward me with a smile on her face. She told me about a note that she has taped to every mirror in her house. These simple words meet every reflection it sees.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Do you see Christ in me at all?

She put the little message there as a reminder for her children. She wanted them to refocus on Christ’s purpose for their lives with each glance in the mirror. What was unexpected, she told me, were the number of discussions it opened with friends, neighbors, and visitors to her home. What it means to look like Jesus frequently shapes the conversation around her table and gives the mirror a purpose far beyond looking at the physical.

My Jesus Resolution today is to ask the mirror question. My mirror can be used for more than checking my hair or putting on lipstick. It can be a reminder that my most important “look” for the day is to be a reflection of Jesus.



2 responses

18 10 2013
Mary Moudy

Good thought Casandra!


18 10 2013
Joyce lampley

My mother in law asked me to make that question with my vinyl letter cutter to put on her mirror.

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