New Shoes

16 10 2013

A girl has got to love a new pair of shoes. Pulling them out of the box inspired a smile, a deep breath, and a sense of anticipation as I slipped them on my feet. I admired my toes and ran to the mirror to check out my “new” look. I walked the floor, feeling the new comfort, enjoying the fresh beauty, and imagining how my style quotient might go up a couple of points. My husband looked at my feet and picked up my old shoes. “Now we can throw these old things away!”

I literally stopped in my tracks. I sputtered, wrestling with mixed emotions. I had new shoes on my feet, shoes that fit, met my needs, and looked cute. Still I struggled to let go of the old ones. Not because of sentiment – no great memories in those shoes, just lots of laundry, dishes, cleaning, and dog duty. Not because they were still in great shape – the worn spots were starting to reveal things about a shoe’s inner workings that no one should ever know. They are worn out, smell funny, and have seen a million miles, but I hesitate to let them go because they are comfortable and familiar.

I guess shoes and habits have a lot in common.

Jesus is working on me. Using the extreme makeover method, He is transforming me piece by piece. He points out the sin and selfishness that require surrender, cleaning up my messes and bring fresh light and air into the stale mustiness of my do-it-yourself projects. A major part of this renovation is centered on my habits. I tend toward habits that are self-satisfying, not too demanding, that make me feel good. Jesus directs me to new habits meant to stretch my soul, open my eyes, and change my heart. These new habits fit my soul. They answer hungers I didn’t know I had, making me feel free and beautiful. But still, I look longingly at the old ways. They are comfortable and familiar. I have a hard time letting go.

My Jesus Resolution is to wear new shoes. New shoes become comfortable when we wear them for a while. New habits work the same way. Living the Jesus Resolution requires that some of my old (read comfortable) habits need to be tossed aside. There are new habits that need to be engrained, formed into my soul so that they can transform who I am. I can’t look more like Jesus if I keep hanging onto the old ways. But the truth is I don’t want to live a comfortable life. I want to live a conformed life – one that is shaped, molded, and inspired to look more like Jesus. Even if it means throwing the old shoes away and wearing the new shoes that will help me walk in His steps.



2 responses

16 10 2013
Mary Moudy

Casandra, Susan is teaching our enlarged LBC (on Wed. nts.) from your book. Thanks for your posts but can you enlarge the print somewhat? I’m having trouble reading it and many times quit reading as it is so difficult on my eyes. Remember you with love,


16 10 2013
Casandra Martin

Hi Mary, So good to hear from you. You can enlarge the print to meet your needs on the screen on your computer. You might have to ask someone the specifics for your computer, but there are settings that will allow you to adjust the print size so that things are more comfortable for you to read.

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