Wiser Than My Prayers

30 09 2013

Amazing where God shows up in your day. I was running an errand, trying to remember the four (or was it five?) items on my list. I was counting minutes, counting to do’s, counting what’s not going to get dones, and counting ingredients for dinner. I hadn’t counted on God showing up and reminding me to count on Him.

As I passed the auto shop on my way down the road, I noticed a sign by the side of their door. It simply said, “God’s answers are wiser than our prayers.”

Wow. Hand over mouth, heart falling to its knees, eye-opening, soul-stretching, joy-swelling truth in those words.

God’s answers are wiser than the answers I come up with for myself. I have learned that lesson, although there are times when I need a refresher course. This little sign reminded me that God’s answers are wiser than my questions. You know the old saying, “Ask the wrong question and you will get the wrong answer”? Not with God. He always gives the right answer in the right way at the right time, even if I ask the wrong question in the wrong way at the wrong time. The unfolding of His purpose in my life isn’t limited by how smart I am, but by how surrendered I am.

My Jesus Resolution today is to count on God’s wisdom. As I pray, I am going to let trust in His love, faithfulness, goodness, and mercy frame how I approach His throne. When I pray, I am going to depend on the Holy Spirit to reframe my questions, requests, and even praises into a fragrant offering that aligns with God’s will. As I watch for His answers and anticipate His movement, I am going to count on the truth that God’s answers are wiser than my prayers. He will always answer in the way that is going to best help me look like Jesus.



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