Right Where You Are

27 09 2013

What would Jesus be doing if He stood in your shoes right where you are today?

Too many times we believe that our commitment is linked to our circumstances. We think that given ideal circumstances, we would be more committed, more passionate, more involved, and more faithful. We imagine that living this Jesus life would somehow be simpler, less demanding, or easier to embrace if we walked in different shoes than the ones on our feet today.

Someday becomes the rhythm that sets our steps. When I am married, when I have kids, when my kids move out, when I lose weight, when I have a job, when I retire, when I pay off my debt, when I feel better, when I’m not so tired, when I get the laundry done, when this relationship turns around, or when I kick this habit. We somehow imagine that the ideal circumstance just ahead will ignite a walk with Christ that we put off today.

God wants you to see yourself and your circumstances differently. Today, right where you are is the perfect place for you to experience His grace, dip deeply into His delight, and move into His presence. God isn’t more “there” in the ideal places. He isn’t waiting for a perfect you to show up before He can work. God wants you to stand right where you are and be like Jesus. Wherever that is. In the carpool line, next to the washing machine, in the midst of paying bills, in the nursing home, with an IV in your arm, when you are struggling under a deadline, wrestling with disappointment, or eating chocolate. We may not be able to do everything we want to do for Jesus, but we can be everything God wants us to be when we choose to look like Jesus right where we are.

My Jesus Resolution today is to let go of someday and embrace today. I won’t be more faithful tomorrow than I am today if I don’t commit myself to growth. I have to learn to see this moment as the best opportunity to imitate Jesus that I have. Many times I think that my commitment will change when my circumstances change. Perhaps my circumstances might change if my commitment changes. Maybe it will just be the way I see my circumstances that changes, but either way, I have a choice. Put Him off until someday or look like Jesus right where I am today.



One response

1 10 2013
Nikora Myers

I shared this with my husband cause so many times we have been here and it striked a goid conversation. Thank you

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