The Prayer List

16 09 2013

Prayer is a privilege of those whose hearts belong to God. In prayer, we pour out our hearts to the Father, understanding that He is listening, loving, and looking out for our best. Prayer, ignited by faith, believes that people, relationships, circumstances, and hearts can be changed by the power of God.

Here are ten things to pray about today –

1. Pray for an opportunity to extend grace to a stranger.

2. Pray that your neighbor will see Jesus next door.

3. Pray for a child who is not a part of your family.

4. Pray for the most difficult person you know.

5. Pray when you pass by a funeral home or hospital.

6. Pray for courage to take that step of faith.

7. Pray for the last person who sent you an email, text, tweet, or message.

8. Pray to be brave enough to forgive – yourself or someone else.

9. Pray for time to laugh today.

10. Pray to look more like Jesus.

My Jesus Resolution today is to pray. I want to learn how to pray. I don’t want to pray a rote recital of self-imagined remedies. I want to pray bigger prayers, more humble prayers, deeper prayers, prayers that resonate with His grace. I long to experience mercy, kneel before glory, surrender to sovereignty, and be overwhelmed by awe. I don’t want to pray primarily for God to work in the world around me. I want to pray that He work in me.



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