The Coincidence

13 09 2013

Coincidence: A striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by chance.

Every once and a while, you just have to sit back and smile at the way God works. He always knows when we need a hug, word of encouragement, or gentle push to help us move forward. Yesterday, I ran into a road block. Nothing really big, but something that caused me to stop and worry. I asked two friends to start praying. Ten minutes later I received an email with just the encouragement I needed to take the next step.

Some might say that it was coincidence that someone across the country sent me a message at just that time. I know better. God has done this for me too often not to recognize His fingerprints all over the moment. He is doing it for you too. He is watching your worry, seeing your need, and moving to fill your heart with an extra measure of assurance and grace. Keep your eyes open for the moment today when God steps in to help you take the next step. Pay attention to events that apparently happen by chance and seek out the divine fingerprints on the situation. Sometimes we aren’t able to see how His plan is unfolding in the middle of our circumstances. Time and distance allow us a perspective we are not able to see in the moment. But trust His heart. God is at work for your good even when we don’t recognize it at the time.

My Jesus Resolution today is to trust that God is in control. My life is more than a series of coincidences, chance events, and random encounters. God is working all things together for good. He is using every moment to fulfill His purpose in me. He is moving in each step I take to transform me into the image of Jesus. Today when something “just happens,” I am going to stop, look, and listen. I just might catch a glimpse of God.



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