Candy Crush

23 08 2013

It is all my daughter’s fault. Really. I had managed to sidestep the Candy Crush excitement until one day recently when she came home and insisted I give it a try. Now I am hooked. Candy Crush is an electronic game you can play on your phone. You advance to different levels by “crushing” the pieces of candy as they tumble onto the board. There are sticky squares, oozing obstacles, and stubborn strings all designed to block your path.

While the game is fun, there might be some lessons about faith hidden amidst all of those colored candies.

1. You only have so many moves. Use them wisely.

2. When you fail, another chance will come around.

3. Sometimes you have to wait.

4. Combining two pieces of candy (or two hearts) has more power than going it alone.

5. Asking for assistance can help you make it to the next level.

6. Don’t get distracted from your goal.

7. Celebrate the sweet moments.

8. Share lives. Everybody wins.

9. Persistence makes all the difference.

10. Getting stuck isn’t the same thing as quitting.

My Jesus Resolution today is to learn the faith lessons God plants all around me. Candy Crush is just a game. If it disappears tomorrow, life will go on. But the tools I use to play the game are the tools I need to grow my faith. Sometimes my faith gets stuck. I can’t see past the obstacles that block my heart from moving forward. It is tempting to quit or throw up my hands in frustration. Grace will open up a way. Waiting helps me keep things in perspective. Helping each other leads to sweet moments. Faithfulness gives faith a fighting chance. And most importantly, the cross has the power to crush all of the things that prevent me from winning.



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