Jesus Training

21 08 2013

We spent the day with our favorite six year old. He is now old enough that he is joining with his big friends in what we like to call “gentlemen training.” We are trying to teach our sons how to be gentlemen by opening doors, holding coats, escorting ladies to their cars when needed, holding umbrellas, etc. Our little friend is very excited because he is now big enough to be a gentleman and hold the door just like the big boys.

This week we all went into a store together, and he decided that he was going to hold the door for everyone. It was a heavy door. He pulled, stretched, strained, and worked to get that door open. The only way that he could hold the door open was to stretch his little body across the entire span of the door frame so that his legs could act as a brace as his arms pushed on the door. It was precious to watch. What he didn’t realize was that in his maneuvering to open the door by himself, he made it impossible for anyone to go in because he was blocking the door with his body. We crawled around his legs and he happily went on, proud of the fact that he is now a gentleman.

So many God-lessons in this moment. We are all in training. God is working in you and me right this minute to shape us, mold us, and transform us to look like Jesus. I am thankful for the people who are patient and loving as I fumble my way into reflecting His image. I am humbled by a little heart that wants to imitate the big hearts he sees around him, and the big hearts willing to slow down and walk with someone anxious to learn. We teach each other how to be like Jesus. It takes humility and open eyes to follow. It takes courage and transparency to lead. Perhaps most importantly, I caught a glimpse of God in the way my boys cheered our little friend on. It didn’t matter that he didn’t do things perfectly. They celebrated his desire, his attitude, his effort, and his step into the “gentleman” world. Every step we take towards Jesus, even the imperfect ones, is a step in the right direction.

My Jesus Resolution today is to recommit to “Jesus training.” This is God’s purpose for my life. More than anything, He wants me to look like Jesus. I will have to be humble and patient, willing to watch and learn from those around me. I will have to step up and try new things, open new doors, and stretch myself. I won’t get everything just right. But training is just that – an opportunity to grow



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