30 11 2012

Questions are great. They are at the heart of the learning process. Two-year-olds ask questions about everything. “Why?” seems to be their favorite word. They ask because they are learning how the world works. Teens ask a lot of “why?” questions as well. Theirs don’t always seem to have the open-ended curiosity that a toddler’s do, but they are the same question. Why that decision? Why can’t I? Why do I have to? They are learning how the world works. Their questions help them understand how the adults in their lives make decisions, to see the perspective that gives mom and dad a different answer than the one they would have come up with for themselves.

What questions do you have?  Not the “What’s for dinner? Who’s going to pick up the dry cleaning?” type. The deep questions. The ones that keep you up in the middle of the night. The ones that pull at your heart. They are “why?” questions too. Except with our deep, difficult questions, we suspect that we will never understand how the world works. There is too much uncertainty, too much selfishness. So we hush up our questions, tucking them into the back of our hearts where they only haunt us in the night.

God wants you to ask your questions. The answers we need are not found in this world. He wants you to seek Him out. He invites you to bring Him your questions, search His heart, and discover how He works in your world. As you do, you will make a delightful discovery. When you trust God with your big questions, He will always point you to His Son. The cross is His exclamation point. The answer is always Jesus. His grace is the balm that will soothe our souls.

My Jesus Resolution today is to ask my questions – all of them. Faith doesn’t mean never having questions. It means being willing to go to God for my answers. God doesn’t promise to give me easy answers, or comfortable answers, or quick answers. He does promise that His answers will be filled with His goodness, framed in His truth, and immersed in His love. Having questions means I am growing and learning. Listening for His answers will always direct me to look to Jesus.



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